SuperGold is one way the government and New Zealand businesses can say thank you or tena rawa atu koe for everything you have done for Aotearoa, by raising your family, working, or in the community.

We are happy to offer great discounts for all Super Gold Card holders.

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Dryers, different sizes and brands
Clothes dryers, different sizes and brands. Prices between $145 and $395
Fridges, different sizes and brands
Fridge-freezers, fridges and freezers, different sizes and brands. Prices between $195 and $795
Washing machines, different sizes and brands
Washing machines, different sizes and brands. Prices between $195 and $695
Electric stoves, different sizes and brands
Freestanding electric stoves, different sizes and brands. Prices between $345 and $795


Everyone dreams about retiring or at least not having to go to work. Unfortunately, most of us don't do a good job of planning that far ahead. And some of us don't think about fluctuations in the economy or government decisions that can have a significant impact on our retirement plans.

All that aside, most of us think we don't make enough money to effectively save for the future, but we don't fully realize that until after the fact. But I do believe that the two most important things to have in retirement are good health and enough money.

How we get and keep those two things is the real challenge after we retire. For most of us, that means we'll keep working long after the retirement party is over.

Good information and practical advice are what we need to make a happy retirement. What we really need are the best retirement tips from a first-person perspective that we can get for the a twenty-first century and probably retirement information that you won't get from a financial adviser. Information from someone who has retired is probably better more realistic than technical advice from someone who is not even close to retiring.

There's a lot of information available from government agencies, banks and investment firms about investing for a future that is twenty or thirty years down the road. But if you don't have twenty or thirty years, the type of information you may need is very different. Today's 21st-century retirees need to know how to address the "new retirement" topics such as how to preserve your retirement savings, how to generate additional retirement income, how to find fun retirement jobs and how to get involved in fun retirement activities. In today's economy, most people won't be ready for retirement or may not have enough money for retirement. Costs go up every year and everything is getting more expensive.

If you don't have enough savings it becomes difficult to continue investing in your future and more important to have ways to supplement your retirement income. Then the problem becomes finding information that fits your situation or circumstances and may include wading through the bureaucracy that comes with it.

Social Security may be available for retirement, but it won't be enough and other sources of retirement income may be needed. Most of us will continue to work at something to earn extra money and stay busy. Some of us will continue to work because we like what we do.

There are a lot of rules you have to comply with when you reach the allotted retirement age and the rules change from time to time. Everybody has to sign up for medicare and figuring out when and how to apply for social security can be stressful in itself, especially if you don't use computers. Everyone will retire someday and there are dozens of things to consider before it happens. If you want to have a good retirement, take the time to explore the possibilities and be creative in planning for eventual retirement.

Get as much information as you need to make good informed decisions before you retire not after.

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