Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Allo Allo Appliancez offer so many options?
A: With total commitment and aggressive buying, Allo Allo aim for each store to stock a broad range of reliable appliances.

Q: How do Allo Allo get to guarantee units for 12 months?
A: By selecting well known, durable machines and refurbishing all components themselves employing only qualified technicians.

Q: How do Allo Allo Appliancez offer better service?
A: Allo Allo Product specialists are available at each store to help you select the right device and provide valuable repairs advice.

How to Choose Between a Gas or Electric Dryer?


  1. What?s my budget for the new appliances?
  2. How much room do I need for a new appliance?
  3. What?s the total capacity or the volume of the appliance?
  4. What style of new appliance should I buy?
  5. What is the best appliance finish?
  6. What are the new appliance features I want?
  7. Have I checked the look and feel of the new appliances?
  8. Have I read the reviews for the chosen new appliances?
  9. What are the new appliances delivery options?
  10. How do I dispose of an old appliance?

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